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Cage Fighter
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Cage Fighter is a game of strategy and skill. Are you the best fighter?

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Is the game not working? Haven't been able to get on since Friday
Jul 31, 2014 Like
I support daily add me if you do too. Thanks
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May 23, 2014 Like
simple quick and easy way to get rid of the turny belt cheat delete the golden belt from the turny store !! people now use turny cash for 1 10% belt but two show up from the turny store they are able to put both on at the same time its lasts for 5 to 6 fights for a 20% they add largg potions making it 30ty they use it to beat the top players i to make it too or too beat the turney cheating there way to the top you got rid of other turny store items people was doing this with so you should also deltet the golden belt its the biggest and most know and used cheat in cage fighter also you can buy two turny belts but get 4 of them and use all 4 for a 40ty % buff thats a cheat that need to go for sure delete the belt from the truny store and you have fixed the belt hack other players use
Mar 23, 2014 Like
hey why dont u solve my problem , i exchanged 5000 coins to 1000 fighting points but it was not given to me , please fix and give my fighting points :(
Mar 7, 2014 Like
no_photo 5 20
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