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MocoSpace is the premiere partner for developers looking to get their high quality social games in front of millions of mobile users.

Do you build fun, smart, and engaging games?

The MocoSpace game platform gives you the ability to plug into a dedicated game portal on MocoSpace and supercharge your game's audience through a leading mobile social network with over 15 million users.

The MocoSpace Games platform

Our users spend over an hour a day on MocoSpace with their mobile devices. With the MocoSpace Game Platform, you can tap into the social graph, access profiles, and send notifications and invites through our API. You can even deliver game notifications straight to your players' mobile phones!

We make it easy

Our API is based on OpenSocial and we'll give you access to our javascript libraries so that you can get your game running and your players playing as soon as possible.

We're here for you - our team will help you every step of the way. From development, to launch marketing, to continued support and promotion throughout MocoSpace.

Dive into your Data

With the MocoSpace Games Platform, you'll have access to in-depth analytics and reports that allow you to measure, manage, and better monetize your game experience.

Our data visualization tools will give you the ability to easily measure ARPU, track virality, and identify your best players so you can keep them engaged.

Make Money

With Moco Gold, MocoSpace's virtual currency, players can purchase premium items that you create or unlock special features reserved for premium players. With Moco Gold, you also have access to MocoSpace's fully developed billing system, allowing you to accept payments from a variety of sources including direct billing from mobile carriers.