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Meet People & Make Friends in Spokane, WA

Whether you're looking to make new friends for find that special someone, a great place to look is in Spokane, WA. If you're a local looking for others nearby you'll find some great spots here and if you're just visiting, you'll enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals. Use our info below to find social hubs, meet up events and great destinations for socializing in this area. There are lots of exciting things to do and - more importantly - people to meet in Spokane, WA.

Where to Meet New People in Spokane, WA

The Spokane Convention Center
The Spokane Arena
the Spokane River
the Spokane Falls
the Spokane Art Museum

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How to Make Friends in Spokane, WA

There are a few ways to meet people in Spokane. One is to attend local events, like art shows or concerts. Another is to hang out with friends in popular spots like the Riverfront or Downtown. You can also join online dating websites or meetup groups to expand your social circle. Whatever way you choose, be sure to be open to new experiences and people. After all, the best way to make friends in Spokane is to get out and socialize!

FAQ about Spokane, WA

1. What is the population of Spokane, WA?

The population of Spokane, WA is approximately 208,000 people.

2. What is the weather like in Spokane, WA?

The weather in Spokane, WA is typically mild with occasional brief periods of hot weather. The average temperature in Spokane is around 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What are the main industries in Spokane, WA?

The main industries in Spokane, WA include agriculture, technology, and health care.

4. What are some of the attractions in Spokane, WA?

Some of the attractions in Spokane, WA include the Spokane Convention Center, the Spokane Arena, and the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena.

5. What is the cost of living in Spokane, WA?

The cost of living in Spokane, WA is relatively low compared to other major metropolitan areas. The median home value in Spokane is around $236,000.